Welcome to my site! My name is Laura Speece. I have been a part of the professional birthing community as well as the natural health community in my area for nearly a decade. I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband and my five wonderful children.

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Personal Story

I have always been passionate about natural health. Growing up, my mother always chose healthy food options for our family. She was also versed in home remedies and chose them over pharmaceutical options whenever possible. She had two un-medicated labors and breastfed both her babies (which was quite rare at that time!)

My own entrance into the birth world began in 2005 with the birth of my first child. I had an amazing doula for this birth who taught us about natural birth as well as alternatives to standard care. She not only prepared me to labor well, she equipped my husband to support me and also taught us how to work through labor as a team. This not only set my view on birth as a natural process. It also transformed my relationship with my husband. That doula was my midwife for my second birth which took place in our home.

Our third child was born in 2008 in IL where it is very difficult to have a safe home birth. We had this baby at a local hospital while on state healthcare, and the difference in the care was shocking. This experience was eye opening for me. I saw how much support women needed when they were a part of the standard care system – education in advance, tools to communicate with care providers and hospital staff, continuous care throughout labor and birth, and follow-up care with particular attention to breastfeeding and postpartum depression awareness and resources.

Two months after this birth, our family moved to North Carolina. Bringing the experiences that I had, and being encouraged by some new local doula friends, I went ahead and took the plunge! I took the next available doula training and thus began my career.

After spending a decade working with local families, I decided it was time for me to give back to the professional community. I still do the doula & teaching work that I love, but I have also begun to train and mentor the next “generation” of doulas and teachers in my area – and throughout the country! This has been an unbelievable blessing, being able to reach parents and young families exponentially through the amazing new professionals that I train.

Laura Speece, CCCE, CLD
Professional Credentials:

2008-2013 – DONA Birth Labor Doula Training & Certification
200- present – CAPPA Childbirth Educator Training & Certification (CCCE)
2011-present – CAPPA Labor Doula Training & Certification (CLD)
2012-2014 – Studied Family Herbalist program with Vintage Remedies, Inc.
2014-present – Course Mentor and Essentials Program Director with Vintage Remedies
2015-present – CAPPA Childbirth Educator Faculty
2016 – co-formed Charlotte Doula Collective professional organization
2016 – co-formed Carolina Doula Trainings mentoring organization
2017 – HUG Your Baby professional training (currently working to complete certification requirements)
2017-present – CAPPA Labor Doula Faculty
2017-present -Studying Master Herbalist program with Vintage Remedies, Inc.

Additional advanced trainings: rebozo techniques, scientific research methods, botanicals for children, evidence-based aromatherapy

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

– Barbara Katz Rothman