Natural Health Consultation


Your consultation fee includes:

2-3 hours of personal, in-home, instruction time
A Natural Health Binder full of resources
Follow-up by phone or email as needed over the following 2 weeks

Once I receive your purchase information, you will be contacted by email or phone within 2 business days to schedule your consultation. If you have any questions for me before registering, please use the contact me form.


Healthy Pregnancy – Healthy Family

Health is a continuum. Every decision that we make throughout our day leads us towards a healthier mind & body, or towards illness. Are your food and lifestyle habits leading you toward health? Imagine having a professional walk you through the different areas of your life and help you make a personalized plan for wellness!

This is an entire class and consultation all wrapped up in one! Click here to see all of the details.

Note: As a non-medical professional, I do not diagnose conditions or prescribe treatment. However, I will give you the education, tools and resources needed to make your own informed health decisions. (Just like a doula does for your labor!) You will leave this consultation with a detailed plan for better health!