Doula Testimonials

baby_under_the_towel_201851“Thank you for all your patience, hard work and guidance. I couldn’t have imagined doing it without you!!”

“Laura was an amazingly sweet and knowledgeable person to have in our corner during the birth of our son. I interviewed two other doulas but chose Laura because she seemed to have a sense of humor and also I got the feeling she was experienced and confident without having a big ego.
My husband liked her too and I knew it would be important that they have a good rapport so we could all work well as a team for a healthy birth. She even came to our home a few times before hand to educate us and touch base. That helped us get to know her better and be more comfortable.
On the big day, we learned that because of health issues, it was going to be necessary to use pitocin to get things happening. We were all disappointed for a little while but we still were able to rally and have an otherwise natural birth experience without any further interventions.
I recommend Laura to anyone looking to have a healthy natural birth. She was exactly the support we needed.”

“My husband and I decided we wanted to hire a doula for our second baby. We didn’t know how valuable having a doula could be until Laura helped us through Noah’s labor and delivery. I highly recommend Laura to anyone that is interested in hiring a doula. Laura’s knowledge and wisdom helped us prepare and her understanding and calm demeanor helped us have the non medicated birth we desired. It’s important that you trust the person that is going to walk you through one of the most vulnerable and amazing experiences of your life and we most certainly found that in Laura.”

Childbirth Educator Training Testimonials

“This course was great. Very detailed. I enjoyed the manual & will use the materials as I prepare classes.”

“I enjoyed the class participation and the opportunity to express my thoughts and knowledge. Great training course! Thanks!”

“Training was great! Learned soooo much. Excited about finishing the curriculum. Activities and ideas were great! Laura was fun & gave tons of resources that will help me. Thanks for the experience!!!”

“It was wonderful! Laura did a great job of covering all aspects and building bridges regardless of the broad variety of students’ knowledge/opinions… I took this class to broaden my knowledge concerning childbirth, and I’m happy with what I learned.”   -Julie Y.


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