Take your first step toward becoming a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator™ today!

Don’t limit yourself to just one method. Come learn the CAPPA way!

*  Become a teacher and a resource for families in your community.

*  Guide new moms on their path to birthing with confidence.

*  Join a loving, supportive community of birth professionals.

*  Set your own schedule.

*  Tailor your curriculum to emphasize your strengths and to meet the specific needs of your community.

*  Draw from the very best of all the childbirth methods in order to offer your students a wide variety of balanced information. Don’t be limited to just one method!

*  Learn games, activities, demos & visual aids to make your class engaging and memorable.

*  Ensure that your own education is evidence-based. Learn the importance of good scientific research, how to find it and how to utilize it.

*  Have the widely-respected CAPPA name behind your classes.

*  Learn how to manage your business and advertise your classes.


If you are already working with pregnant or postpartum women:

*  Learn up-to-date, evidence based information relating to pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum & breastfeeding so that you can be a resource to your clients.

*  Receive training on how to effectively communicate this information whether in a class setting or one-on-one.

*  Gain a deeper insight into what a pregnant woman is experiencing and how you can support both the mother and baby during this pivotal time.

*  Have the ability to offer classes either in your own facility to your clients or on the side as a source of additional income and a way to promote your existing business within the community.

*  Use what you have learned to draw in clients and help them feel valued and connected.


What The Course Covers:

Professional Skills:
Discuss vision, ethics, integrity, and the application of the educator’s scope of practice.

How to teach:
Review the history of childbirth education. Discuss how to teach adults, teaching without bias, evidence-based practices, utilizing scientific research, and get TONS of visual aid and activity ideas!

What to teach:
Learn the latest research on pregnancy nutrition & exercise, stages of labor, pain theories, labor support, communication, interventions, postpartum & breastfeeding, and MORE!

Putting it together:
Practice building a curriculum. Discuss business & marketing for a birth based business.

Your fee for this course includes:
18 hours of personal instruction on all the above topics, a CAPPA Childbirth Educator’s manual with over 200 pages of current research in the childbirth field and teaching ideas & aids, automatic membership in our local CAPPA group for ongoing support and further education.


Whether your goal is to begin a new career, enhance your current position, or for your own enrichment, this training will start you off in the right direction! To see all the requirements for certification, click here to visit the CAPPA website.


Click below for details or to register. Come experience the CAPPA difference!

Charlotte, NC
March 9-10, 2018
$500 tuition – $450 early bird price!


I love to travel!! If you would be interested in hosting one of my trainings in your area, contact me to see if we can work it out!


If you are already a birth professional in North or South Carolina,
check out our new gathering place for ongoing support,
encouragement, information and advanced education!



“This course was great. Very detailed. I enjoyed the manual & will use the materials as I prepare classes.”   – Jennifer K.

“I enjoyed the class participation and the opportunity to express my thoughts and knowledge. Great training course! Thanks!”    -anon.

“Training was great! Learned soooo much. Excited about finishing the curriculum. Activities and ideas were great! Laura was fun & gave tons of resources that will help me. Thanks for the experience!!!”   -Radea S.

“It was wonderful! Laura did a great job of covering all aspects and building bridges regardless of the broad variety of students’ knowledge/opinions… I took this class to broaden my knowledge concerning childbirth, and I’m happy with what I learned.”   -Julie Y.