Whether you are just starting out in your birth career, or you are a seasoned professional, advanced trainings are a excellent way to build your repertoire, re-inspire your passion, and expand the services you offer your clients or students. These classes are usually 3-4 hours on a weekend afternoon. Anyone is welcome regardless of training, certification or experience. Topics from previous classes include: building a website, maximizing social media, natural health and essential oils.

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Herbs & Oils

Balancing Natural Medicine and Scope of Practice – $50

Which herbal supplements and essential oils are safe for pregnant women and babies?
Which are the most effective?
What is the best way to use them?
How do we help parents looking for alternatives to over the counter medicine?
Are we even allowed to do that??

In this class, I will draw from my training in family herbalism and natural health education to start with the basics and quickly move into the intricacies of using natural health alternatives as a non-medical birth professional. We will discuss the options, how to communicate them to your clients, options for our own personal use, and how to find reliable evidence based resources. We will also complete a fun project together that will result in a product for you to take home!

~No classes are currently scheduled~
A convenient, online option is coming Winter 2018!!


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Web Design

Web Design for Birth Professionals – $50

Are you unhappy with your current website?? Most people answer this question with a resounding YES! In my years as a doula, childbirth educator, trainer, mentor and coach, I have seen many, MANY birth professional’s websites. I have created all of my own websites for my multiple businesses over the last 12 years. I know what works, and what doesn’t work!

When you register for this class, I will send you resources via email for setting up the bare bones of a website, if you haven’t done so already. We will then gather together for our class with laptops in hand to discuss what will make your site stand out – both the necessities and the extras.

If you are going to invest time and money into a website, make sure that it WORKS for you! Draw potential clients into your pages, keep them engaged, and ensure that they find all of the information they are looking for.

~No classes are currently scheduled~
Consider this $22 ebook option that you can complete at your leisure. It contains all of the same material we cover in the in-person class, as well as the site building resources.


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Finding Evidence Based Information
for the non-researcher

An eBook Advanced Class – $12

Where are you getting health and wellness information for yourself, your family, and the families you work with? From books? A textbook? Journal articles? Popular blogs? Special interest sites? Facebook?? There is no type of source that will guarantee accuracy. There is no type of source that is always, inherently false. So, we, as lay people or as non-researcher professionals, need a reliable method of evaluating our sources of information.

As a birth professional, you have an added responsibility to give your students or clients the most up to date, factual information. And when someone asks you where you got your information, you need to have a good answer!!

This 9 page ebook looks at the various levels of sources. Then, we spend time looking at the source we come across the most and discuss how we can evaluate its validity.


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Writing a Doula Contract

A PDF Advanced Resource – $7

So, you’re ready to start your labor doula business! You know you need a contract, but where do you start?? This 7 page ebook is set up as a worksheet to help you tailor your contract to your individual needs. Explain your services clearly. Let there be no confusion about expectations, including your pay schedule. I have spent years counseling new doulas in how to word their contracts so that there are no gray areas. Don’t be taken advantage of because the wording in your client agreement is unclear!!

*Bonus* Client Confidentiality Release Form is included!

Using this PDF worksheet, you can have your contract paperwork done today and ready to use!


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Free PDFs

On occasion, I offer free PDF files on various topics related to my teaching and training subjects. These may be class handouts, business planning forms, or sometimes just fun information that I’ve come across and want to share!

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