Healthy Pregnancy – Healthy Family

Health is a continuum. Every decision that we make throughout our day leads us towards a healthier mind & body, or towards illness. Are your food and lifestyle habits leading you toward health? Imagine having a professional walk you through the different areas of your life and help you make a personalized plan for wellness!

This is an entire class and consultation all wrapped up in one! As a certified Family Herbalist and an experienced natural health teacher and mentor, I will walk you through a detailed inspection of your health and that of your family. In these in-home, personalized consultations, we will look in depth at your home and work environments, your diet, your exercise routines (if you don’t have one right now, that’s ok!), and any daily habits that either reduce stress or contribute to it. We will discuss simple changes in all of these areas that can have significant and long-lasting impact on your health.

We will then look at common discomforts, concerns and ailments throughout the perinatal period: from early pregnancy, labor & birth, through postpartum, newborn & breastfeeding. You will learn natural, evidence-based remedies for these concerns using options such as diet, exercise, herbal supplements and essential oils. We will also discuss the most current research on these remedies and how to use them safely and effectively.

Note: As a non-medical professional, I do not diagnose conditions or prescribe treatment. However, I will give you the education, tools and resources needed to make your own informed health decisions. (Just like a doula does for your labor!) You will leave this consultation with a detailed plan for better health!

Your $100 consultation fee includes:

2-3 hours of personal, in-home, instruction time
Natural Health Binder containing items such as:
* Self-evaluation form
* Diet guideline aids
* Postpartum plan worksheet
* 2 pages of recipes for homemade natural products
* Detailed outline with room to take notes
* List of recommended reading and resources
Follow up by phone or email as needed over the following 2 weeks

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