Understanding Your Baby

Newborn Class (before baby is born)

These classes are about more than just bathing & diapering! As a trained HUG Your Baby instructor, I have filled this class with information on how to understand your new, little baby. Did you know your baby can communicate his needs to you? This class is like an instruction manual for newborns! Learn to read his hunger cues, sleep cycles and signs of over-stimulation. You can interpret your baby’s body language, help him to calm himself when he’s upset, and interact with your baby in a fun, engaging way!

Your $75 class fee includes:

2 hour in-home class, including information on:
* Basic newborn care, such as: newborn characteristics, bathing, diapering, natural alternatives for illness
* Infant communication: identifying baby’s waking and sleeping “zones”, interpreting baby’s body language and cries, calming and soothing techniques, encouraging successful breastfeeding, as well as making a plan for baby’s first year.
* The importance of skin-to-skin and how to swaddle safely

Newborn Consultation (after baby is born)

Do you feel like your baby is excessively crying? Or difficult to calm down? Does she wake constantly to eat? Or fall asleep as soon as you put her to the breast? Does your baby struggle to make eye contact?

If you have a baby who is 0-6 months, and you could use some help interpreting her cries and wiggles and gazes – I can help! As a certified HUG Your Baby instructor, I can use these consultations to help you understand your baby’s natural rhythms and patterns, recognize signs of over-stimulation, provide techniques for calming your baby and also practice playing with baby in fun, engaging ways!

Your $50 consultation fee includes:

1-2 hour in-home consultation
Informational handouts and local resource list
Follow up by phone or email as needed over the following 2 weeks

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