Finding Evidence Based Information – For the Non-Researcher


You want to teach evidence based information, but where do you find it?? This is the place to start! Teach your clients and students with confidence, knowing that you can back up what you’re saying with high quality sources.

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Where are you getting health and wellness information for yourself, your family, and the families you work with? From books? A textbook? Journal articles? Popular blogs? Special interest sites? Facebook?? There is no type of source that will guarantee accuracy. There is no type of source that is always, inherently false. So, we, as lay people or as non-researcher professionals, need a reliable method of evaluating our sources of information.

If you are suffering from pregnancy ailments or your toddler is sick, you don’t have hours to waste slogging through contrasting opinions to try to figure out which remedy seems the most promising. You need to be able to tell right away whether a source is trustworthy, so that you can find a solution that will work quickly and well.

If you are a birth professional, you have an added responsibility to give your students or clients the most up to date, factual information. And when someone asks you where you got your information, you need to have a good answer!!

This 9 page ebook looks at the various levels of sources. Then, we spend time looking at the source we come across the most and discuss how we can evaluate its validity.

*Bonus* This ebook includes a list of quality online sources to get you started and a project for you to put your newly learned knowledge into practice!