A couple of years ago, I posted a list of my favorite affirmations for labor and birth. I thought it would be fun to turn the best of the best into memes for all of you! Feel free to copy, pin, or right-click and save for your personal use. (Just please don’t use them for commercial purposes.) They are for you to use as reminders leading up to your labor and encouragement during your labor. Put one on your desktop or your phone background, and look at it regularly. Say it out loud to yourself! Believe it! You are strong, and you can do this!!!!

Click on images for full-size.

affirmations for labor can't stop the waves  affirmations for labor just breatheaffirmations for labor breathe in peace breathe out tensionaffirmations for labor passing through these powerful gatesaffirmations for labor i am confident  affirmations for labor fear not affirmations for labor women are strongaffirmations for labor ina may gaskin   affirmations for labor power and intensity of your contractions affirmations for labor pass through the waters isaiah  affirmations for labor make the best decisions