This is a great prop to show what goes into a c-section! Often, parents think a c-section is just one cut and pull the baby out. I wanted a way to show my childbirth ed students that a cesarean is, indeed, major abdominal surgery. The doctor cuts through may layers, in multiple directions. This information opens conversations about c-sections, prepares them for the recovery afterward should they have one, and helps to explain why there are the risks associated with the procedure.

It is also very important to me to give this information in a visual way that is not scary. There is enough fear and sensationalism and even guilt used to try to sway pregnant women to make one decision or another. These tactics have always been used, but we are now bombarded with them through the internet – social media, mommy blogs, pregnancy websites, apps, not to mention the horror stories they hear from both friends and strangers! I want my classes to be informative, but non-threatening.

This prop is one that many teachers use, but I had a hard time finding detailed instructions on how to make one. And I wanted to make sure mine was as accurate as possible! I cross-referenced many resources for this project. I’m going to give you a link for reference that is NOT the type of site I would normally link to. It is not a medical site. It is not a professional publication of any kind. This is the definition of popular press. However, this particular article is spot on, and has the best description of the entire process all in one place. Dr. Gerard M. DiLeo has done an excellent job giving us the play by play on

I used 9 different layers in my model: skin, fat, fascia, abdominal muscles, peritoneum, bladder, uterus, amniotic sac & one to show the baby.

I made the incisions in each layer and labeled them accordingly. Then, I stacked them and used a big, fat needle with thick yarn to hold them together.

You can see how I put it all together in the video above. Please share this post with moms who are preparing for childbirth or with teachers who may wish to make their own! Enjoy!

If you would like to use this prop in your very own childbirth classes, check out how you can become a certified Childbirth Educator!