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  • 1 hour meeting (may also be done by phone)
  • no charge or obligation

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 Labor Doula Services  $850

  • 2 private, in-home prenatal visits to prepare for your birth with Laura and a secondary doula who will be your backup support. (For more information on our unique backup program, click here. You essentially get two doulas for the price of one!)
  • phone & email support
  • 24-hour phone support from around 38 weeks to birth
  • at-home support in the beginning of labor
  • assistance in gauging when to leave for the hospital or birth center (or when to call the midwife for a home birth)
  • continuous care throughout labor & birth including comfort measures such as:
    • deep breathing
    • massage
    • hot/cold
    • water
    • essential oils
    • rebozo (used for support and assisted movement)
  • 1-2 hours support following the birth, including assistance with infant care and breastfeeding
  • 1 post-partum visit(s), in the week following the birth

If you are interested in doula services, please contact me to see if I am available at the time you are due.

Doula/Birth Classes Combo Package  $950

  • This package includes all the Labor Doula services plus 2 additional prenatal classes (for a total of 4) to cover all of the Childbirth Education materials in great depth. If a group class is being offered at the time, you have the option to attend the group classes instead.

For all services, I accept cash, check, credit card and PayPal payments.

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